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Just thought I’d say hi to my readers after being AWOL again. Life is rather busy, but I saw a few articles recently that I thought you might like to read too:

  1. The savings protection is going back up to £85k soon;
  2. Plenty to like in 2017 (mentions Sainsbury’s);
  3. Shares that Buffet might pick.

    I’ve recently been asked about share recommendations (which I don’t give – I’m not a financial advisor) by a few friends. Instead, I give my perspectives on long-term financial decisions. 

    “Consider the end” was the motto of the Von Bothmer family, whose stately home I visited in Germany. The motto always stuck with me as a good one. What is our end goal in investing? What to we want the finish line to look like? This is always the core principle when making profound decisions. Investing is not a get rich quick scheme, but a means by which you may gradually build significant wealth. You don’t want to waste money on the next hot stock or biotech miracle. That is unless they have sound, prudent management and proven profitability, aren’t drowning in debt, and are growing.

    Given my busyness in recent months, I’ve been sending people in the direction of John Kingham’s website UK Value Investor because I haven’t had time to research in as much detail as I used to. John has a depth of knowledge and sound judgement. Check out this blog post for some useful strategy on how he finds long-term dividend growth stocks. 

    As always, thank you for visiting and say hi on the comments if you like 🙂



    1. Ciao M,
      Missing you a lot! Especially because it’s hard to find people that blog on dividends from the UK… hope that you can resume your blogging in the future!
      All the best!

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