How Much Can You Make from Accumulators or Accas?

Firstly, I promise I’m not turning this site into a matched betting forum! But I admit, I have been doing a bit more of it lately, mostly since my maternity pay ended in August, so I’ve been topping up my income in other ways. Matched betting started off as a bit of an experiment, but I realised that it was quite easy to make around £200 per month with hardly any time put into it.

As you may have read from my previous post (and Weenie’s ensuing comments!) on matched betting, one of the extra ways you can make money is through accumulators, otherwise known as accas. Plenty of bookmakers offer ‘acca insurance’, which is usually a free bet refund if one of the selections in your acca loses, but all the others win.

Check the rules carefully

Here are some examples: Ladbrokes offer a refund up to £25 if one of your five accumulator bets loses; WIlliam Hill offer insurance on a sixfold; BoyleSports offer fivefold acca insurance, but all the matches must be played and settled on the same day. Many offers appear similar, but you need to check the terms and conditions to make sure you fully understand the rules.

Many offers appear similar, but you need to check the terms and conditions to make sure you fully understand the rules e.g. ‘offer can be claimed once per day’, ‘minimum aggregate odds must be 4.0+’, or ‘offer can be claimed four times per month’. Make sure you are familiar with the specific rules of the acca, or else you could end up losing and not getting your refund.

This is not so much of a problem if lay your matches sequentially, or lay all at the start, because you are aware of your qualifying losses. However, if you do no-lay accas (which is just risk-reduced gambling, rather than matched betting) then losing your refund when your acca loses means you lose your entire stake. I did this recently on Ladbrokes, where I had included a football match that was not part of their offer (it was late, I don’t even know what I was thinking!) and I lost my stake, even though only one match lost, I didn’t get my refund 🙁 so I learnt my lesson!

So, onto the good stuff. How much can you actually make?

Well, as I write, I’ve made £597.03 between the 3rd of September and the 13th of December. That’s from £20 per acca (I never do the full amount, but am building up gradually). It works out to about £9 profit per acca. That’s a 45% return. Not too shabby! And certainly a lot more than I usually get from the stock market. However, unlike the stock market, it is rather risky, but only if you do no lay accas, which I generally do.  If you have the time and flexibility to do lay sequential, you can lock in a guaranteed profit every

If you have the time and flexibility to do lay sequential, you can lock in a guaranteed profit every time though. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to muck about on my phone or computer to lay each leg separately. So for me, the no lay acca is a calculated risk. I know that over 100 accas placed, the probability is that I will win 60-80% of the time (obviously this varies based on the aggregate odds). I understand this is not for everyone, and it is technically gambling, not matched betting, so go for one of the lay methods and you’ll feel better about it.

As you know, I use OddsMonkey (*) and I cannot fault them. Their acca matcher is super, and includes no lay, lay at start, lay sequential, and lay sequential lock-in profit methods, and they’re always adding new functionality and guides to their site! So do consider them if you want to start matched betting.

Let me know what you think about accas 🙂




  1. Hi guys, new reader here who found the way to this site searching for fresh acca ideas.

    Can you please explain your strategy for the no lay accas?

    I have been doing my accas using the lay all at once strategy with selections where i can find all the liabilities of the combined lays is roughly equal to the original acca stake, usually very low odds < 1.2, meaning a winning acca will make about 10% profit, a refunded stake creates a break even scenario and the more teams that go on to lose in the acca, the more profit it will make.

    Been doing this method for a few month, usually managing to find 1 to 2 accas per week on average. I'm finding I don't make too much profit from this but the important factor for me is knowing I don't lose money either so the bets are risk free like match betting. Had a few winning accas but the majority of the time, the acca insurance refund seems to be the result, which is the worst case scenario.

    I have read and understand several of the methods used for sequentially laying accas however I have not done any this way, quite simply because I didn't need the extra workload of setting up the bets as I am terribly forgetful and would totally stuff this method up.

    It would be very interesting to hear about any of your no lay strategies, obviously you don't lay hence the name, but how do you arrive at the selections and what kind of odds and profits do you guys see from your methods.

    Glad to have found the site btw,

    1. Hi Jen, thanks so much for getting in touch. It was really interesting to read about your strategy. I understand how you feel about sequential lays. Sometimes, even my best intentions and plans don’t work, even though I’ve got reminders on my phone etc.

      With no lay accas, I often look through oddsmonkey on their no lay accas tool. I select really low odds, whatever I can get closest to the offers’ rules. What I also do is to look through William hill daily match lists and create my own accas, based on the major leagues and odds closest to 1.2

      I placed my 100th acca this PM, so I’m hoping to create a post soon that will show some useful info from the last few months of my acca experiment.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, really appreciate it!

  2. I haven’t done this yet but it sounds great.

    I’m all over the no lay acca idea, less work for what should be greater profit in the long run. Already on oddsmonkey so will check out their acca section!

    Cheers and merry Christmas to you M

    1. Thanks man, as long as you keep the odds low, your probability is good, so you get a little thrill from gambling, but not too much because it’s a very calculated risk 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you 3

  3. The profit you’ve made from your no lay accas is excellent but as I said in your previous post, I don’t appear to be lucky with no lay accas and I can’t stomach the losses, even though I know in the long run, I should make an overall profit. Plus it’s too much like gambling for me. That said, I do still sprinkle the odd no lay in amongst my lay sequentially accas (to make it look more muggy), but not more than £5-£10 per acca.

    My lock-in sequentially laid accas can net me anything between £2-£10 per acca – moving odds can reduce your EV by loads, but can sometimes swing in your favour. I haven’t done £50 accas yet, mostly £40 and £25 ones.

    I don’t tend to have more than 10 accas going at the same time – that’s as much as I can manage in the time I dedicate to MB.

    BTW, note that William Hill have just changed their rules regarding their insurance, it’s only 5 legs now, on any sport and any legs not on their football list need to be at odds of at least 1.2 to qualify for acca insurance.
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  4. I never bothered with accas when I was into Matched Betting, but your post has tempted me to look into it. I still do the odd matched bet from bookies that haven’t gubbed me because it’s basically free money (especially Bet365’s £50 risk free). I’m not the fan I once was of the practice, but I wouldn’t knock it either.

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