General Life Update

portfolio update

Hi all, this might be one of the last posts I do for a while due to the imminent arrival of baby TV #2 – so I thought I’d give a general update of what I’ve been doing lately with regards to investments and life in general. Investments Update I’ve not made any other purchases…

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How to Keep Christmas Cheap

How to keep Christmas cheap

It’s only a month ’til Christmas… time to get scared and start panicking about those presents you haven’t bought yet! Or rather, time to think about how to keep Christmas cheap. Of course, you could always be a complete idiot and read the Guardian – as ermine says, if you follow their advice, you certainly…

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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – The Final Word


As you know, we recently did several weeks’ of ThriftyLesley meal plans in a self-imposed ‘how to cut your grocery bill in half’ challenge. We found the majority of the meals were tasty, and they saved us an IMMENSE amount of money – in fact our grocery bill for an entire month was just under…

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How to Divide Your Income

How to divide your salary - the li ka shing way

Way back in January 2015, I was reading Kapitalust’s latest blog post ‘Advice from Li Ka-Shing: One of the Richest Men in the World’.  Now, you may think: ‘so what?’ and yes, so what, I was reading a blog post, whoop-de-do. But this is not just any old blog post, and not just any old…

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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – Week Four Report

Feed a family for less than £13 for a week

We’ve recently completed week 4 of the self-imposed ‘how to cut your grocery bill in half’ challenge – could you feed a small family on less than £13 for a week? Well, that’s what we just did! Two adults and a 2 yr old fed for £12.91 – and I’ve got food left over! I…

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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – Week Three Report

Thrifty Lesley Week 3 Receipt

I must admit, I am actually loving this ‘how to cut your grocery bill in half’ self-inflicted challenge. We are SAVING SO MUCH MONEY! This week we spent £18.05. Now, admittedly, this is above the <£14 that is the goal of Thrifty Lesley’s meal plans, but it is because we bought some items in bulk (as…

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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – Week Two Report

week two thirfty lesley meal plan

Well, we have finished week two of how to cut your grocery bill in half and it has also gone quite well overall. I must say though, that I am a bit bemused by the portion sizes. On the first week, it seemed like pretty much every dinner was quite large, which resulted in us…

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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – Week One Report

Thrifty Lesley Lentil Soup

Well, we have done the first week of following Thrifty Lesley’s meal plans and recipes in order to slash our grocery costs. We started with the Week One meal planner: Day 1 – All good. Loved all the food. Skipped the lunch because we had some various leftovers from the weekend and last night’s dinner….

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Understanding Money – Budgeting

I'm too broke to pay my bills

    Welcome to our series on understanding money. We hope this will help you make some headway into understanding, and getting a hold of your financial matters. This is written from the UK perspective, but we welcome comments, comparisons, and questions from any country! It’s always good to know how money works on an everyday…

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Meat on the Bone is GOO-UH-OOD

Sorry to the vegans and vegetarians, you may want to skip this post… I am an omnivore, but I love my chicken, as you may have noticed, and I also love a bit of red meat. Who could turn down a nice bit of oxtail stew, leg of lamb, or a typical Sunday’s roast chicken?…

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