Sites I like, read, or admire:

Dividend Champions UK (Your No. 1 Resource for the UK Version of the Dividend Champions list, created by Trevor from Dividend Life)

Dividend Diplomats

The Dividend Drive

Dividend Hawk


Dividend Life – The same Author also produces the UK Dividend Champions Website

Dividend Mantra

DIY Investor (UK)

The Fibrarian

The Finance Zombie (this one will really make you LOL!)

Financially Free by Forty

Financial Independence UK

The Fire Starter

FIRE v London

Getting FIRE’d

Girl Counting Pennies

Growing My Food

Grow Independent

Kapitalust – our Canadian friend is a good writer, and not just on financial matters.

Keeper of the Cauldron

Monevator – if you don’t read this, you don’t know anything about FI and PF.

No More Waffles – our Belgian friend with the super high savings rate.

Pollie’s Dividend – our Dutchie Dividend Friend
Quietly Saving – Weenie’s blog is always interesting, lot’s of beer chat.

Redeemed Finance

Roadmap to Retire

Sex, Health, Money, and Death (except there’s no sex). This is Jim McG’s blog – he is already ‘pretired’ – some very interesting perspectives for the rest of us on our journey towards where he already is.

Simple Living in Suffolk

SparkleBee’s Journey to FI – interesting perspectives from someone who is in and out of FI.

Stalflare – CIAO! He’s buying up US, UK, and European stocks left, right, and centre.

Tawcan – doing good and telemark skiing whilst investing wisely. What’s not to like?

UK Value Investor – John Kingham’s personal site. Really useful AND interesting

Under the Money Tree

Well Rounded Investor

The 7 Circles


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    1. Hi, I’m so sorry! I actually follow your site, I’m not sure why I missed you off my list! Very sorry! Will add you!!!

  2. Hi TV,

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