Is Matched Betting Sustainable Long Term?

Sorry I’ve been afk for ages. Life is exceedingly busy right now. Just thought I’d write a quick post about the long-term sustainability of matched betting, as a few people have been asking me about it recently.

When you first start matched betting, you can make serious money from all the sign-up bonuses. Every time you sign up to a new bookie, there is free money to be had. This is sometimes a straightforward offer such as bet £10, get a £20 free bet. Other offers are more complicated and require you to bet through your bonus – this is called wagering requirements.

However, these sign-up bonuses will eventually run out. How are you supposed to continue matched betting then? Well, there are plenty of other way to continue:

  • reload offers – the bookies will email you to deposit and they will give you a bonus for reloading your account;
  • ongoing regular offers – e.g. bet365’s channel 4/1 offer;
  • special events e.g. the World Cup, the Euro Football Championship, the Grand National, etc;
  • accas/accumulators – a bit more complicated, but if you sign up to OddsMonkey (*) you will have access to their Acca Matcher, which helps you extract profit from the accumulator offers from several bookies;
  • arbing – a ‘good way’ to use your gubbed accounts (maybe!);
  • EachWay matched betting – another good way to use gubbed accounts or just any normal account too;
  • special offers for big/popular events e.g. Andy Murray in a tennis final, a big Champions League match e.g. Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich, or even just a big Premiership football game e.g. Chelsea vs. Man City;
  • In-Play offers – Ladbrokes do them pretty much every weekend.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can continue matched betting long after the sign-up bonuses have been completed. It will probably not yield as much bang for your buck as it did in the beginning, but it can easily provide you with £50+ per week, with minimal effort.

Let me know your thoughts, are there any other matched betting tips and tricks you have for long-term sustainability?

Cheers 🙂


  1. I also have been around the £200 – £400 a month mark recently which is mainly from ‘arbing’ as I’m gubbed/restricted by pretty much all bookmakers at this point. But as you say £50 a week for minimal effort from the comfort of your own home is still very attractive to me, although I can understand those on higher incomes who feel its not worth the time and effort, but for me being 22 years old and hungry to build my wealth as aggressively as possible, I happily spend as much time as possible earning extra cash to supplement my relatively low income and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

    1. hey, thanks for visiting. That is a great perspective to have – you’re young and willing to put in a little time to make some extra money. What are you doing with the extra, do you invest too?

      1. Apologies, have only just seen your reply, really should have ticked that notify me of new comments box haha..
        Yes I save in bank accounts and drip feed monthly into Fidelity Index World Fund.
        Thanks for the reply,

    1. Hi. I am. Although not in the last few weeks purely because my company has been busy launching a product, but otherwise would be

  2. Hey M
    Hope all’s well with you and your family.

    Well, I’ve been doing matched betting for 9 months now – it’s been a while since I last signed up on a new offer so all my profits are from reloads.

    I’m not even taking advantage of the horse racing offers, I just do football and that’s netting me some decent income of around £300-£400 a month on average.

    Over half of my income is now from accas and as you say, they’re a little more complicated but straight forward enough once you’ve learned how to do them. It’s quite easy to make mistakes on them though…or maybe that’s just me! Plus they play havoc with your social/family life, in particular the sequentially lay accas.

    1. Great to know you’re making a good amount per month still. Wondering which offers you’ve been doing to keep that level? Mine is £200-£400, but that’s with a little horse racing too. I don’t bother laying my accas, just don’t have time!

      1. Off the top of my head, these are the offers I do regularly:

        Betfred – Double Delight Hattrick Heaven
        Boylesports’ – crossbar double winnings
        Skybet – £5 club
        888sport – Goals mean more (£5 for every goal your chosen team scores)

        And until I got gubbed recently, I did Genting’s Spin for Goals offer and the £1 per goal scored offer too.

        I do about 8-10 accas a week, this makes up around 50% of my income and usually there’s at least one acca with William Hill which qualifies for their £5 acca club.

        I’m not very lucky with no-lay accas – probably just about breaking even with those.
        weenie recently posted…November 2016 Savings, plus other UpdatesMy Profile

        1. That’s really cool. I got gubbed with Betfred (but didn’t even know!) So I can’t do that offer, but I’ve never tried Genting’s or Boyle’s. Might give them a go. With accas, I just pick really low odds and do a lot per week. I’ve made around £500 since September through that. I’ve only laid 3, and last one was actually technically a sequential because I only laid the last leg to secure profit.

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