We have a bunch of financial and general goals. We are pretty happy with our progress on our 2014 financial goals, although our goal of reaching £50 in dividends was only just met at the beginning of December. However, it turned out that we received £69.73 – we beat our goal significantly! So we decided to try and reach for £125 in dividends for 2015. I also compiled our list of more general life goals into a table. We also put them into a desired timeframe. Check out the end of this page for the table!

This is the first step in us starting to work towards these goals; to write them down and put them onto a rough timescale. We have made a document for each goal, and we are going to fill in some kind of a plan as to how we are going to achieve each of the goals. Clearly, some of them will be easier than others, e.g. earning more in dividends just requires us to put more money into high quality dividend stocks on a regular basis. Other goals will be more difficult – how do we get a small country estate?! This would require £2,000,000+ according to some I’ve seen locally… I guess we’d better get hustling for side income!

Financial Goals

Goals for 2015:

  • To earn at least £125 in dividend income
  • To save more per month and put into dividend shares (target to beat £165 p.m.  i.e. ca. £2000 p.a.)
  • To save £250+ per month for travel and holiday expenses
  • To save money for Christmas by July (£375)

Too easy. For 2016, we will have to really up our game!

Goals for 2014:

  • To earn at least £50 in dividend income (2013 was £26) ACHIEVED 3rd DEC!! – CUTTING IT FINE, M!
  • To re-mortgage to a cheaper deal (currently on BBR+1.69%)
  • To save more per month and put into dividend shares (target to beat £100pm) managed £1615 as of August 25th 2014, and still have four months to go ’til the end of the year, yay!
  • To save money for Christmas by October (£175 for gifts, £200 for food and petrol to visit family)
  • To save 6+ months in emergency fund

General Goals

Build sheds out of pallets, compost bins, etcShort2 years
Get German up to C1/C2Short2 years
Learn sewing/dressmaking etcShort2-3 years
Learn GermanShort2-3 years
WoodworkingShort2-3 years
Visit USAShort-Medium2-3 years
Develop allotment: Fruits, herbs, garden area, veg, water solutionShort-medium2-4 years
Visit Baltic countriesShort-Medium3-7 years
Run our own businessShort-Medium5 years
Visit IcelandShort-Medium5 years
Visit IsraelShort-Medium5 years
Visit Japan (in 2020?)Short-Medium5 years
Visit ScandinaviaShort-Medium5-8 years
Learn the pianoShort-Medium5+ years
Learn Japanese to B1/B2 levelMedium5 years
Live in another country (Germany, USA, other)Medium5-10 years
Renovate an old propertyMedium to Long10+ years
Become income independent (dividends, shares, property, I.P.)Long17 years
Build an eco-house (against an old wall)Long20+ years
Get small country estateLong20+ years


    1. Shalom Matias!

      Welcome to There’s Value! Really glad you like the blog and are interested in dividend investing. Also, thank you so much for your lovely email, which I will of course reply to separately.

      Best Wishes,


  1. Hey M,

    What would make you move to Germany?
    Did you consider Switzerland?

    Also I was wondering. Is Financial Independence your main big goal or do you see it as “just another one”?


    1. Hey MP,

      Thanks for stopping by. I would love to move to Germany as soon as possible. I just really love it there. I’ve never considered Switzerland, mostly due to prices and the strange version of German they speak (sorry).

      For me, financial independence is really important, but for Mr TV, it is not. However, our slow and steady plans mean that we could retire in about 16.5 years. Hopefully we will have more children by then, and our eldest will be 18. We will be able to spend more time as a family and do whatever we want… in theory.


    1. Thanks! I’m going to write a more comprehensive quarterly update at the end of the month, but here’s a little taster – I’m practising my German every day, I’m probably going to visit the USA in about 18 months’ time, and I’m visiting the Baltic sea in June! Many of the short term goals are just things we work on between March/April and November, as it’s too cold in the Winter e.g. woodworking, developing the allotment, etc.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. I really like your style. Your goals are exactly as I like my own; diverse and far reaching. I have some similar goals in life myself, it’s always nice to see a like minded individual. I wish you nothing but luck and great success in achieving what you set out to do. Life’s too short to just sit back waiting.

    – HMB

    1. THANKS! I agree – life is way to short to hang around waiting for stuff to happen. You have to make the most of your life, no matter where you start off from!


  3. Hi T&M

    Well done on the setting-up SMART objective on different timeframe.
    This something that all blogger are able to do.

    Wish you a lot of success and we will follow your progress.

    Cheers, RA50

    1. RA50, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Looking forward to reading your blog further.


  4. Nice set of goals! You certainly have some travelling to do and more than enough to keep you busy over the next 20 years. 🙂

    For the Eco house – What exactly did you mean when you say “against an old wall” – like Hadrians wall or something like that? Or just an old wall in a town somewhere? What is the significance of the old wall!?

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Hey man. Thanks. Yes, I hope to be busy for the next few decades with all of these things. The old wall is about bringing something new out of the old, so for example an old barn or an old house or something that has old nice thick walls, I would re-use part of the wall and use that as a wall for the new house, so you’ve got the old and new merged together. I really like older architecture and barns and stuff like that, but they’re not suitable to live in for many reasons, so I’d like to find an old half-fallen down one and just build around it

  5. Those are some awesome life goals! It looks like you love traveling just as much as I do! That’s something I definitely want to do more when I am financially independent. I’ll definitely keep following you as you reach these goals one at a time!

    Best of luck,

    1. Yes, I love travelling a LOT. It’s a nice activitiy to dream about where you can go when you become FI, because it’s a real visual enhancement to your goals.


  6. If you visit the USA, drop me a line, will take you a tour near DC. 🙂 I’d love to travel more. I want to see what’s it’s all about a real football match. I want to see Chelsea or MU or Real Madrid play in a station of 80,000 fan is all about. Ehhehe

    Visiting japan and other eastern countries are also on my wish list. Will see if I can get my friends to go.

    1. Definitely will take you up on that offer if we come over! I have only ever been to one football match, because it was on a school trip. It’s just too expensive to go for us. I do love football, and sport in general though, so if you make it over here, we should go!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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