Meat on the Bone is GOO-UH-OOD

Sorry to the vegans and vegetarians, you may want to skip this post… I am an omnivore, but I love my chicken, as you may have noticed, and I also love a bit of red meat. Who could turn down a nice bit of oxtail stew, leg of lamb, or a typical Sunday’s roast chicken?…

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Downshift Trials – Part 1

In order to save money and squeeze my budget, I’ve downshifted quite a lot of different grocery and household items. What is downshifting? Well, it’s where you find an alternative product that costs less. For example toothpaste. You could go with the teeth-whitening, breath-freshening, dentist recommended Colgate/Aquafresh/etc. or you could buy the supermarket own-brand, which…

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Why a Whole Chicken is Brilliant Value

cheap cuts of chicken

If you’re a meat-eater, sometimes it can really send your grocery bill sky high. Luckily, there are some ways to get fantastic value for money when shopping for meat, in particular, chicken. Chicken is an all-round great meat. Just 100g is full of vital nutrients you need every day, such as 25% of your necessary…

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Follow Me on Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I recently re-discovered Bloglovin’ – it makes it easier to keep track of the other blogs I follow, e.g. those that are on my blogroll. Check it out. I have made a group on there to follow the other dividend, frugalism, and value investment blogs I like to keep an…

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August Share Purchase – Carillion

should I buy shares in Carillion

Update 26.08.14: My monthly order went through, eventually, getting me another 29 shares, bringing my total to 136. This is great, because I now have reduced my overall cost basis (the shares were about 6% cheaper). This means I am adding at least £1.62 in interim dividends, payable before the end of this year, and…

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Gas Bill – OMG!

how to reduce your gas bill

OMG! WTF! and all that sort of thing. Is it just me, or have gas bills gone up LOADS in the last few years? I was just looking at our utility provider, as I do every month when I do the meter readings, and I was shocked to see the proportion of the bill that…

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Control Your Grocery Budget

control your grocery budget

I always seem to go over on my grocery budget, but reading about fellow blogger’s decision to go back to a cash system reminded me that I never went over in the days I ran cash! So… we have also moved back to a cash system. I am losing out on a bit of cashback…

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A (hopefully) bright future for my child

It’s not about money. It’s about opportunities. Especially the opportunity to learn. My parents weren’t able to save for me, but they did give me pocket money. Unfortunately, I was undisciplined and even though I tried to save, I spent it all very quickly on useless things like sweets and pop! I want my child…

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