Meat on the Bone is GOO-UH-OOD

Sorry to the vegans and vegetarians, you may want to skip this post…

I am an omnivore, but I love my chicken, as you may have noticed, and I also love a bit of red meat. Who could turn down a nice bit of oxtail stew, leg of lamb, or a typical Sunday’s roast chicken? There is something so mouth-watering about the smell of the roast chicken in particular, and you just can’t beat that oxtail on a cold evening.
Now, I don’t care what health professionals say about not eating red meat, because I know better. Yes, I really do, because they don’t know me, and they don’t know how my body responds to different foods, as I have struggled to explain to them over the years of my experiments with eczema and my diet. When I eat certain types of meat, my eczema gets better. I suspect it’s because I tend to slow-cook my meat. That allows us to digest it easier, as the meat fibres are more tender, thus reducing the work and time your body needs to digest it. It also is beneficial because I think slow-cooking aids nutrient absorption, especially because I think the broth it creates must hold a lot of the nutrients and we would typically eat/drink that too as part of the meal.
When it comes to meat, the best meat is on the bone. Yes, I know some people claim they don’t like it, but basically they’re just being fussy. And this goes for poultry as well as red meat. For me, I need red meat because I have an ongoing iron absorption problem, and iron tablets are utterly rubbish. I do get iron from eating a variety of vegetable sources, but for me it is far easier, less stressful on my body, and a lot more delicious to eat red meat once or twice a week. Even if you don’t have any iron problems, there are three great reasons why eating any type of meat on the bone is cool:
  1. Meat on the bone is cheaper, because people pay more for the convenience of having it stripped off the bone, sliced, processed, packaged more conveniently, so you will able to save money on your grocery budget by buying the bone meats etc; 
  2. It has a LOT more flavour, because the meat that’s closest to the bone typically is juicier and thus more flavoursome; 
  3. It’s actually very healthy for you, as the bone also provides nutrients from the marrow and suchlike.
Can’t say fairer than that. I am not recommending that you eat meat all the time, especially red meat, as I do credit those same health professionals that I think don’t know anything with actually knowing a little bit of truth – it’s a strain on your body to eat lots of red meat. It can also be harder to digest – it takes longer to go through your body, so it can make you a bit sluggish. At the end of the day, I value red meat on the bone and poultry on the bone both for health and for flavour. Luckily for me, it is also very economical to buy these meats.
Happy Eating!

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