Gas Bill – OMG!

how to reduce your gas bill

OMG! WTF! and all that sort of thing. Is it just me, or have gas bills gone up LOADS in the last few years? I was just looking at our utility provider, as I do every month when I do the meter readings, and I was shocked to see the proportion of the bill that goes to paying the gas. I was also shocked to see that we are in debit by a couple of hundred quid, argh! It turns out that the new, lower, DD they changed is not covering the amount of gas we actually use. Meanwhile, our electricity usage is bizarrely low…

So, we need to figure out a way to get the bill down, because if it’s already this bad in the Summer, what are the Winter months gonna do to us?! We came up with some ideas…

The Plan:

  1. Do meter readings (even though I do them monthly on the1st anyway);
  2. Use the dishwasher instead of washing up 3+ times per day. (This is an experiment, as we don’t actually know how efficient the dishwasher is, or whether it heats the cold water or takes in hot water);
  3. Just wash up non dishwasher stuff once in the evening;
  4. We used to sometimes have a bath with our son, which was fun as he has loads of rubber ducks and whatever, so when he has his bath 2-3x per week, we can have a bath at the same time. We will have our normal showers on the other days. This is cool, because it helps us bond with our wee one;
  5. Don’t cook 3x per day (I’ve got into a bad habit of this). I love cooking, but the gas really does cane it! My slow cooker is on RIGHT NOW with beef skirt (bought on discount from Waitrose no less), barley, and vegetables;
  6. Do meter readings after a month of trying the plan to see what difference it makes.

Fingers crossed, the dishwasher is as energy efficient as our friend Tim claims it is.

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  1. If you haven’t had your cavity walls and loft insulated properly, then perhaps it’s worth checking it out. Some properties can get it done for free (see here: but even if you have to pay, it’s not too expensive compared to years ago. I had both cavities and loft done for about £300 and my gas bill went down by 40%. House is a lot warmer too and is quicker to heat up.

    I came here via Financially Free by Forty – great blog!

    1. Hi weenie, thanks for stopping by. I called up about cavity wall insulation, but they said we couldn’t have it add we have ‘thermal block’ or something like that. I do want to look into the attic – whether it’s got good insulation or not. Thanks for the tips,

      Best wishes

  2. We don’t have gas anymore – the apartment is all electric. I’ll be keeping a close eye on costs this winter as I have no idea how expensive electric heating is.

    1. I know, that is the problem. Sometimes I wish we didn’t have gas, but lo and behold, we actually had a powercut yesterday!!! It’ll be interesting to see how your build change with electricity only, although it’s a difficult comparison, as your new flat is smaller than your previous place, of I remember rightly? Anyway, good to know. My spouse and I shared a tiny flat for a small time, but we never used the heating as it stank! We lit tons of candles when friends came for dinner and we just wore extra layers. Our bill was miniscule ☺

  3. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog from No More Waffles. Keep up the good work so far!

    But yeah, utility bills can be a killer. A water pipe broke in my sprinkler system and the water bill ended up being $400 for the month. It was crazy!


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