Just in Time for a Rhyme – Growth vs. Value Stocks

Growth Stocks:

I grow over time, but the profits are all mine,

So until you sell me, you won’t see a dime.

Yet I can deliver such wonderful fruit,

You’ll feel like a thief with a bag full of loot.

I’m like a child, desperate to grow,

Just feed me now and off I go.

To higher returns, that’s what I’ll do,

You wouldn’t say no to that, would you?


Value Stocks:

But I am the one who’s steady and firm, 

Like clockwork I will produce a return.

Not wild and crazy like Mr Growth,

I’ll pay out often, I give you my oath.

Those dividends, they will keep flowing,

And over the years, they also keep growing!

So buy me now, say “yes” to me,

And I will nurture your passive income tree.



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