Acca Profits – A Different Tool I’m Using

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to tell you about a different tool I have been using recently for doing accas. I have very limited time nowadays due to having two young lads and the marathon training I somewhat accidentally said yes to. I value my time very highly, so matched betting has gone out of the window almost completely. The value of my time is worth a lot, and I value my family’s holistic well-being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) more than spending time making money through matched betting. What I value is of higher importance than a petty goal of making £50 a week or whatever via matched betting.

That being said, I love sports and I found that accas are quite a profitable and time efficient way of making a little bonus money by following and betting on tennis and football – risk reduced betting I might add. Doing no-lay accas is not matched betting, you can lose your £10 or whatever you’ve bet, but I use tools to reduce the risk of losing money and increase the chance of winning. Since I have less time for matched betting, I have cancelled my subscription to OddsMonkey. They have been absolutely excellent for the 18+ months that I used them and I still highly recommend them if you are looking to start matched betting.

I now use a free tool called ‘Acca Smacker‘ which is on the Kick Off website. This is just for football betting, the tennis stuff I just do manually. It’s really simple to use, free, and it will direct you to the best odds available for matches. I’ve used it a few times now and it seems to be pretty reliable in terms of odds matching up on bookies’ sites and so on. I have used it this week and made £35.24 so far, with two more accas outstanding.

Have you used the Kick Off website or Acca Smacker? Let me know, leave a comment below,

Cheers 🙂

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