The FIRE Glossary

The FIRE Glossary

Following on from Jim McG’s post, I decided to put this question to YOU:

Would a FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Glossary be useful?

Terms like HP, PCP, EBITDA, PE, FCF, and the like can often get pretty confusing, even if you think you know most of them, there seems to be new ones cropping up all the time.

I know there are sites out there which explain the terms, but I was thinking about trying to keep it very FIRE-related i.e. always relating explanations back to our goals.

Let me know what you think. Suggestions very welcome in the comments!


    1. Thanks RF, I really appreciate your comment. I’m definitely going to do it. I’m just trying to work out what the best way to organise it would be…

    1. Thanks Kate, I really appreciate you letting me know. I feel fairly confident on terms, but subsumes that really throw me!

  1. Yes! A glossary will be very useful for new and old investors a like. Plain simple English too. I have gone to Investopedia and other sites to look up certain terms only to find myself scratching my head. Also, a section for options. Simple please. I see many FI bloggers using options to enhance their monthly income by writing calls and puts. Would appreciate an easy to read/understand section there too. Thanks for the FIRE glossary!
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    1. I’m slightly reluctant to use a plugin… partially because I’m sure we will come up with (or already) have a bunch of FIRE-specific acronyms that we already use… like ‘FIRE’ for example!

      Thanks for stopping by Weenie


  2. Hi M,

    I pointed Ermine at Simple Living In Suffolk towards a wordpress plugin he uses on his site for highlighting acronyms within the content (definition of the term pops up on hovering or clicking on the acronym)- he used to have a separate glossary page although it doesn’t seem to be working for me at the moment. It might be worth contacting him about this?

    FIRE does seem to be rich field for TLA’s 🙂

    Mike S

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