Recent Trade – Buy National Grid

recent trade - buy national grid

Well, I did it. I finally topped up my National Grid holdings to a more reasonable level. I’ve mentioned NG. on and off over the last year, as it’s not a stock that fulfils all my initial screening criteria, but it is a useful stock to hold. It’s large, defensive, necessary, and pretty boring. It’s not really a dividend growth stock, but I do consider it to be pretty stable.

My subscribers will know that there was a very good article written about NG. recently by Phil Oakley. This is basically what tipped me in favour of topping up my holding. It wasn’t the only factor though, as I have topped up a few times in the last year, it’s just that this time I topped up my shares by more than triple the amount that I purchased last time. Since we changed how we run our household budget, I’ve been looking to increase some of the higher dividend payers in my NISA. This is the rocket fuel which gets the portfolio generating cash income – NG. is high yield, but low growth, maybe even no growth.

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  1. Nice buy!
    I already own some NG and am looking to buy some more but the price seems a little high at the moment for me so I am hanging out for a little long to see if I can get a better price.
    Roll on the dividends.

  2. I’m wish I could be buying shares right now. I definitely get serious withdrawals from not adding to my portfolio. Anyway these all look solid suggestions above. Might stray away from my VLS100 in the new year and buy some BLT. Though everytime I do, I think I’ve made the wrong choice, sell up and repurchase vls100
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  3. Solid buy, M – I’ve still not pulled the trigger yet, despite it being on my to buy list for ages. It’s not really caught my eye but perhaps that’s precisely why I should be buying, as it’s safe and somewhat boring!

    Interesting comments on BLT by NMW – maybe I should top up!
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    1. Yeah it’s not the best of stocks right now but BLT would probably still be my choice from the mining sector due to its size and position. It’s a bit like pharma right now, with my recent buy of GSK. You’ve got AAL and BLT and the latter is the lesser of two ‘evils’ so to speak ie nobody’s figures are looking annexing right now, but maybe that’s why we should be buying when they’re so depressed?

  4. M,

    Solid purchase! I own quite a lot of NG too, mainly because it’s so boring and stable. The low growth rate of the dividend is nicely offset by the high initial yield, which is awesome for people trying to get their income off the ground.

    I’m currently looking at NG too to add to my utilities, because it’s a sector I haven’t invested in much. Other options tempt me too though: RDSB (again) and even BLT because it’s been hammered to the point that it’s becoming ridiculous. One of your most recent purchases is also on my watchlist again: GSK.

    So many stocks, so little cash on hand! 🙂

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    1. I feel quite aligned to all those you mentioned! BLT especially, because I only have a very minimal exposure to mining… I mean seriously minuscule. There’s talk of a dividend cut, but let’s face it, even if they slashed the payment in half, I’d still yield around 5% – as you say, it’s been hammered to a ridiculous level now!

    2. @No More Wafles I agree with you NG is very nice pick up for first investment. It should help you see fruits of your investment at reasonable yield to help you stay motivated. Borring is good in investing market. Unless we discover ways to provide power to everyone for free people will always need utilities. I am quite unless something drastic happens I will buy some shares my next payday to get me started.
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  5. Hi M nice buy. I was was actually considering National Grid myself for my first divident buy so it’s nice to see that others more expirienced think the same. This company looks solid and it doesn’t apear that that anything should happen to them in near future.

    Yeald is very nice and anual growth isn’t tok huge so I am quite confident they csn keep it up for next few years.

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