July Dividend Stocks Watch List

Dividend Stocks Watch List

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the July There’s Value dividend stocks watch list. I have decided to change the format a little from the way I used to do our watch lists; instead of listing the stocks by FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 membership, I have decided to list them in descending order of years of increasing dividends. I have also switched where my data is coming from, as I no longer receive monthly spreadsheets from someone, but am using Trevor’s excellent resource over at DividendChampions.uk – because he is doing an excellent job and I think we should support him, so do check out his website which is fab.

One of the great things about Trevor’s site, is that he does not limit his research to the FTSE350, but also includes the wider market and the AIM market. I know this is not always to everyone’s investing tastes, but the AIM market actually has several older companies and well known names (such as Burberry) who have chosen to list on it, rather than on the main markets – so perhaps we should not rule out everything outside of the FTSE 350?

I am however, still filtering the data according to some of my “There’s Value investing rules” which, for example, excludes companies with a PE of <25 and a dividend cover of 1.2> (this used to be 1.5 but I lowered it because infrastructure and Investment Trusts tend to often have less dividend cover, but in a non-worrying way). I have not excluded companies with low dividend % payouts, as I know some of you would buy them for their growth potential, whereas for me, I tend to lean towards an average of 4%, but between 2.75 and 5.5% as a general area to aim for.

As always, please do your own research and treat this as just a place to get potential ideas to look into further. I am not recommending that you invest in any of these companies!

Companies with 25+ years of increasing dividends:

Rotork plcRORFTSE-250
Unilever plcULVRFTSE-100
Diageo plcDGEFTSE-100
Spectris Group plcSXSFTSE-250
PZ Cussons plcPZCFTSE-250
Cranswick plcCWKFTSE-250
Spirax-Sarco Engineering plcSPXFTSE-250
Young & Co’s Brewery plcYNGAAIM-100

Companies with 10-24 Year of increasing dividends:

Hunting PLCHTGFTSE-250
Amlin plcAMLFTSE-250
Chesnara plcCSNFTSE-A/S
Carillion plcCLLNFTSE-250
National Grid plcNG.FTSE-100
Centrica plcCNAFTSE-100
Vodafone Group plcVODFTSE-100
Brown (N) Group PLCBWNGFTSE-250
Paypoint plcPAYFTSE-250
RPS Group plcRPSFTSE-250
Highcroft Investments plcHCFTFTSE-FL
Bloomsbury Publishing plcBMYFTSE-A/S
Interserve plcIRVFTSE-250
Sky plcSKYFTSE-100
Beazley plcBEZFTSE-250
James Fisher and Sons plcFSJFTSE-250
Hill & Smith Holdings PLCHILSFTSE-A/S
Mears Group plcMERFTSE-A/S
Compass Group plcCPGFTSE-100
Atkins (WS) plcATKFTSE-250
Treatt plcTETFTSE-FL
Croda International plcCRDAFTSE-250
Victrex plcVCTFTSE-250
Prudential plcPRUFTSE-100
Burberry Group plcBRBYFTSE-100
Intertek Group plcITRKFTSE-100
Next plcNXTFTSE-100
Aggreko plcAGKFTSE-250
JD Sports Fashion plcJD.FTSE-250
BG Group plcBG.FTSE-100
Dewhurst plcDWHTNone
Dechra Pharmaceuticals plcDPHFTSE-250
Derwent LondonDLNFTSE-250
First Derivatives plcFDPAIM-100
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plcSHPFTSE-100


Companies with 7+ Years of increasing dividends:

Aberdeen Asset Management plcADNFTSE-100
Standard Life plcSL.FTSE-100
IG Group Holdings plcIGGFTSE-250
CareTech Holdings plcCTHAIM-A/S
Hilton Food Group PLCHFGFTSE-A/S
International Personal Finance plcIPFFTSE-250
Hiscox LtdHSXFTSE-250
Computacenter PLCCCCFTSE-250
Dunelm Group plcDNLMFTSE-250
Booker Group PLCBOKFTSE-250
Ashtead Group plcAHTFTSE-100

So, what do you think of the list? Are there any surprises there, or companies which you would have expected to be there but aren’t? Do you have a completely different way of finding companies to invest in? What’s on your July watch list? Let me know, leave a comment below!


  1. Ciao TV,

    I was also curious to have your opinions on BHP, as I see it on the list all the months (but I guess it’s because it did fall a lot this year)… I am considering re-entering into this business, they are world leaders after all, but I am a bit worried about the dividend…

    1. Hey again,

      I do not own BHP, as I tend not to invest in mining very often. It’s super cyclical, so I don’t really like it when things are in the down patch… although I guess that is the time to pick up cheap mining companies! I started a draft post on mining stocks, but never got round to finishing the research for it due to illness and holiday. The long and the short of it was BHP looks a lot safer than Anglo American. Out of the big miners, I think BHP is probably the only one I would buy right now. I am not planning on buying it at the moment, but it’s always cropping up on the watch lists as you say.


  2. Ciao TV,

    There are some stocks on my radar that are also on this list. Carillon is one of those, I am researching their stock but I could move in soon. There are some points on their debt that are not very clear to me, but they seem recovering some lost track since 2012.(I have data up to 2014 only though)… What are your takes on them?

    1. Ciao!

      I do like Carillion a lot. It’s one of those sort of slightly boring companies that does a really useful and practical thing for the economy. They might struggle slightly or be average during the worse economic times, but do really well when the economy is going better. They are one of my larger shareholdings in “M’s NISA portfolio” at the moment, and I was considering maybe buying more before the end of the year.


    1. Hey Tawcan, thanks for visiting. It seems like there are so many bargains around right now and not enough capital to take advantage of them! I also like Unilever and Diageo. I recently topped up on the former, but still haven’t opened a position on the latter yet… I’m always thinking about it though!


  3. M,

    If the Euro wasn’t so week against the GBP, I’d be all over Unilever again even if the price has gone up the past few days. It’s by far my favourite company to be invested in: great products, excellent and steady growth, huge potential in the developing markets, etc.

    No More Waffles recently posted…The Definition of InsanityMy Profile

    1. I picked up some Unilever recently, when the price went below £29/share – I agree with you it is one of my favourites too and is now my second largest holding.


    1. Absolutely, family interest tends to be good for companies, not wildly indebted, good dividend cover, etc. I’m looking forward to investigating some of these more

  4. The EU, UK in general are looking good to buy. Even Mr. Buffett are in it. My retirement portfolio have an Europe fund. I’m sure it will do very well.

    1. Yes, I think you’re right. There are certainly bargains in Europe with the exchange rate being favourable against the euro, in addition to the recent volatility which has dropped prices…


    1. Interesting, Rotork has never appeared on my own lists before, but sends to crop up a lot on other sites’ watch lists. I’m yet to investigate it further…

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