General Life Update

portfolio update

Hi all, this might be one of the last posts I do for a while due to the imminent arrival of baby TV #2 – so I thought I’d give a general update of what I’ve been doing lately with regards to investments and life in general. Investments Update I’ve not made any other purchases…

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Recent Trade – Buy National Grid

recent trade - buy national grid

Well, I did it. I finally topped up my National Grid holdings to a more reasonable level. I’ve mentioned NG. on and off over the last year, as it’s not a stock that fulfils all my initial screening criteria, but it is a useful stock to hold. It’s large, defensive, necessary, and pretty boring. It’s…

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How to Keep Christmas Cheap

How to keep Christmas cheap

It’s only a month ’til Christmas… time to get scared and start panicking about those presents you haven’t bought yet! Or rather, time to think about how to keep Christmas cheap. Of course, you could always be a complete idiot and read the Guardian – as ermine says, if you follow their advice, you certainly…

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Investment Trusts For Income

investment trusts for income

Since I had a bit of holiday, I’ve had a bit more time to actually sit down and read and think a bit more about investing into a new investment category for my value stocks/dividend income NISA – Investment Trusts for income. I’ve never bought these in my NISA before, although I do have some…

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November Dividend Stocks Watch List

how to choose dividend growth stocks

It’s time for this month’s dividend growth stocks watch list. I’ve already made my purchase for this month, however I’m thinking of maybe adding another purchase before the month is out. It could be a top-up to National Grid (not exactly a dividend growth stock, but a sturdy high-yielder), or I might buy something totally…

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Is it Time to Buy GlaxoSmithKline?

Is it Time to Buy GlaxoSmithKline?

Is it time to buy GlaxoSmithKline? Well, in the last post I spoke about why I sold Direct Line Insurance – it didn’t fit my investing criteria. One of my key criteria is that a company should have increased its dividend (preferably above the nominal 2% rate of inflation) for at least 7 years. So…

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Is it Time to Sell Direct Line?

is it time to sell direct line?

Is it Time to Sell Direct Line? I bought Direct Line Insurance (LON:DLG) in June – not that long ago. However, it was a purchase that didn’t actually fit in with our value investing criteria. ‘So why did I buy it?’ you may ask, and rightly so. Well, it was a blatant special dividend capturing purchase….

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101 Dividend Investing Tips from the Experts

Just a quick note to say:

I was honoured to be contacted to contribute to this epic article covering 101 Dividend Investing Tips from the Experts. You will also spot some of our blogroll compatriots are quoted on there e.g. Huw, Tawcan, No More Waffles, John Kingham from UK Value Investor, and Trevor from Dividend Life amongst many others.

Check it out, and share it with your friends – it’s an awesome resource!



How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – The Final Word


As you know, we recently did several weeks’ of ThriftyLesley meal plans in a self-imposed ‘how to cut your grocery bill in half’ challenge. We found the majority of the meals were tasty, and they saved us an IMMENSE amount of money – in fact our grocery bill for an entire month was just under…

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How to Retire Early – Not!

How to Retire Early in the UK

I love to read FI and PF blogs and news articles extensively. Usually, I find them pretty good. Even if they’re just short snippets or trading updates, it’s still interesting to see other points of view and note which stocks are being bought by the FI community. However, one article on early retirement that I…

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