101 Dividend Investing Tips from the Experts

Just a quick note to say:

I was honoured to be contacted to contribute to this epic article covering 101 Dividend Investing Tips from the Experts. You will also spot some of our blogroll compatriots are quoted on there e.g. Huw, Tawcan, No More Waffles, John Kingham from UK Value Investor, and Trevor from Dividend Life amongst many others.

Check it out, and share it with your friends – it’s an awesome resource!



How to Retire Early – Not!

How to Retire Early in the UK

I love to read FI and PF blogs and news articles extensively. Usually, I find them pretty good. Even if they’re just short snippets or trading updates, it’s still interesting to see other points of view and note which stocks are being bought by the FI community. However, one article on early retirement that I…

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October Dividend Stocks Watch List

Dividend Stocks Watch List

It’s been a while since I last did a UK dividend stocks watch list update (a whole quarter pretty much!). With all the recent volatility in August and September, and all the personal activity over the summer, I just didn’t feel it was worth doing updates for a while. Plus, we’ve been concentrating on curbing our…

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Q3 2015 Update

There's Value Goals

I realised in the summer that I’d forgotten to do a Q2/H1 trading and general goals update… I guess there was just too much going on with summer and the quietness at work etc. before all the stock market volatility started kicking off in August. I’ve not really made any big changes to our portfolios,…

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Do I Need an Emergency Fund?

do i need an emergency fund

In a word, YES! Post over, we can all read something else now. Haha, only kidding. I just wanted to be a little light-hearted, because sometimes thinking about money and financial planning can get a bit dry (not for me, but for some people I guess it must). Do I need an emergency fund? Now…

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How to Divide Your Income

How to divide your salary - the li ka shing way

Way back in January 2015, I was reading Kapitalust’s latest blog post ‘Advice from Li Ka-Shing: One of the Richest Men in the World’.  Now, you may think: ‘so what?’ and yes, so what, I was reading a blog post, whoop-de-do. But this is not just any old blog post, and not just any old…

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Bear versus Bull

You can’t have failed to notice the recent turmoil in the stock markets. Even if you’ve come to this blog looking for money-saving tips, or how to cut your grocery bill, you will have more than likely seen or heard about the plunge in the global markets over the last few days. One of the…

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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

cheap groceries

Recently, we have been spending quite  a lot on groceries. I feel like we’re going well over budget on a recurrent basis. This obviously will not do when we’re trying to be sensible with money, generally frugal, and as wise as possible with all spending, and investing the savings we make out of that process….

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July Dividend Stocks Watch List

Dividend Stocks Watch List

Hi Everyone, Welcome to the July There’s Value dividend stocks watch list. I have decided to change the format a little from the way I used to do our watch lists; instead of listing the stocks by FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 membership, I have decided to list them in descending order of years of…

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Long Time No See – Trading Update

Ruegen Forest

Dear All, Firstly I just want to say thank you for all the fantastic comments that you guys have been posting over the last month whilst I’ve been absent. I really appreciate it! Personal Update As you may remember, last time I posted (sorry, more than a month ago!) I mentioned that I was off to…

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