Understanding Money – Retirement Planning

saving whilst working is like pennies flying into your piggy bank automatically

Welcome to our series on understanding money. We hope this will help you make some headway into understanding, and getting a hold of your financial matters. So far, we’ve looked understanding money in everyday life, how to budget, and how to start saving. These basics are important to understand, as they are the core of…

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Are Stocks Cheap Right Now?

reading improves your mind like a rocket ship launching you into a new world of education

I recently read an intriguing article on Interactive Investor about the relative price of stocks in various countries around the world, compared to government bond yields. Now, whilst we love dividend growth investing and value stocks here at There’s Value, there are other places to put your money. Savings in your NISA (tax-free) or other…

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A (hopefully) bright future for my child

It’s not about money. It’s about opportunities. Especially the opportunity to learn. My parents weren’t able to save for me, but they did give me pocket money. Unfortunately, I was undisciplined and even though I tried to save, I spent it all very quickly on useless things like sweets and pop! I want my child…

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